DWP 63 IP23 outlets iZi 45

The outlets are built on module 45×45 mm and you can get exactly the combination you need with fuses, breakers,
outlets for 230V and 400V, data and bussystem. Every outlet has a built-in MCB, as standard 10kA and phase selector L1, L2 and L3.
Outlets Pri is for the 1-phase group. Movable outlets are limited to a maximum of 16A. Outlets with RCD are type RCBO.
Outlets with other characteristics are quoted on request. Outlets iZi45 are suitable also for DWP16 and can have up to 6 sockets.
Outlets for Danish, French, Swiss , Italian and other markets are quoted on request.
Outlets can also be offered 1-way or 2-way with fixed phases L1, L2, L3.

Adding or moving an outlet can be done under load.