Com.along is a serie of poles and panels that can be placed almost anywhere to give every workplace access to just the outlet sockets needed.
Practical, close and convenient. The modern, stylish design enhances any environment.

Choose from anodized or white painted aluminum. The outlets, as well as the cover strip, are available in black, gray or white. Of course, the cover strip can be offered in other colors.

Com.along is supplied in any length and fitted according to your preference -you can choose the desired length, cables and type of outlets.

All poles and panels can be equipped with RCBO, RCD, USB, HDMI, VGA and switches etc.

Com.along – modern designed power poles for modern workplaces that demand considerable flexibility.

ONE-sided 75

A nicely designed power pole with sockets on one side for freestanding or fixed mounting on the ceiling. Supplied with flexible hose or fixed connection.

Outlets on one side.

TWO-sided 75

Available with flexible hose or fixed connection.
A solution that covers multiple workplaces with outlets on both sides.

Outlets on both sides.

FOUR-sided pole

To serve many workplaces and require a power pole with outlets on four sides.
Flexible hose or fixed connection.

Outlets on all four sides.


As stylish as it is practical. Fixed on the floor.

Available with outlets on two sides.


A slim panel for fixed installation on walls, tables or as like.

Can be mounted horizontally, vertically or in angles.



A compact and slim solution, only 48 mm wide.

Place the panel under a desktop or workbench….


…or as a power pole mounted on the wall.

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