Power Track up to 63A.  and the track contains a 3-phase and a 1-phase group. You will find suitable outlets, connecting boxes and angles. IP 20.

Note! The current of the power track is decided by the choise of mains connecting box, 35A or 63A.

Incl. 1 connecting piece. Installed on brackets.

The power track contains a 3-phase main supply group 63 A, 400 V with neutral and earth, plus a singlephase priority supply group 63A, 230V with neutral and earth. The main group and priority group have a common earth. Different outlets, single-phase and 3-phase, maximum of 16A, can be placed anywhere along the power track. The power track is type-approved for open location in dry areas at normal room temperature. Encapsulation IP20. Approval also applies without cover strip. The track may be installed at any height on the wall, vertically or horizontally, or in the ceiling. It can also be installed in a suspended ceiling or in a non-ventilated floor in computer room floor, if it is easily accessible and clearly marked. The power track may also be used as a light fitting track with socket outlets for single-phase and 3-phase. The power track is supplied in nature or white-painted aluminum, shade
RAL 9010. Cut lengths quoted on request.


Incl. 1 (or 2) end fitting (centre) and 2 locking clamps.
Designed for direct connection in main group.

Mains connection box 35A LH, RH and center connection
Area max connecting stripes: 5 x 10 mm2 + 3 x 10 mm2 for solid and stranded cable.

Mains connecting box 63A:
Area max connecting stripes: 5 x 25 mm2 + 3 x 25 mm2 for solid and stranded cable.

The box has space for drilling: in bottom, up-downside and end plate 2 x 28,3 mm.
Mains connection box with line circuit breaker and mains connection box 35 and 63A
quoted om request.

Incl. 1 connecting pieces , 2 locking clamp. Other types quoted on request.

Incl. 2 connecting pieces, 1 end fitting, 1 locking clamp. Other types quoted on request.

Incl. 1 connecting piece. Cutting: Min. size 145×145 mm.
Other types quoted on request.

Incl. 1 connecting piece, 2 locking clamps (single), 3 locking clamps (double).
Switched and reversed angles are quoted on request.

Used for installation and removal of joints.

2 cover strips cover one power track IP20. Power track IP20 is approved without cover strip.
Other colours quoted on request.

End fitting and connecting piece enclosed with power track and fixed and flexible angle.